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    • I kinda missed the boat on this one somehow...and boat arrived in 1984 I'm told.

      What is a magic arm?

      A two piece structure that has infinite positioning capability with the use of inbuilt cams and locking mechanism and mounting point at both ends with the standard 1/4-20 thread for cameras and related photo and film making equipment

      Basically this -

    • as the constant struggle to reduce stuff I carry on my motorcycle continues. I love a tripod but using one can be so rare that had to be a better option...for me.

      This popped up and it included a very HD clamp and numerous 1/4 mounts and holding wheels if thats the right term and a hot shoe mount as well, if you wanted to have a way to mount a light/ mic/other camera off your first camera or another piece that has a hot/cold shoe mount or use it for mounting a remote mic or light or...?

    • The build quality (saying this from formerly working in a machine shop) is at a very high quality, the clamp is solid and built not to fail. BUt a side not remove the little rubber pads because they reduce the clamping security and tightness

      So what do I want it for?

      A replacement in part for a tripod

      To have as an extra arm in numerous locations

      A small selfie stick so I don't get more close ups of my ears

      I want to do a little more video so I'm thinking its a great way to hold an action camera in not so easy locations

    • Paul better to catch the boat late, then to miss it altogether!

      I picked up an articulating arm in Germany back in the 90s.

      Likewise, I had never seen one until this Japanese photographer pulled one out of he 100+L photog backpack. I had to ask what the thing was...of course we were unable to communicate due to the language barrier. But, I took a shot of his "magic arm" and went off in search of one. They are great gadgets to have in the bag.

      You're only limited by your imagination where to affix the arm for your next shot!

    • I also have a 1/4-20 1" RAM ball I can attach to the camera body, then use a RAM arm and attach it to a ball screwed into the mirror arm socket on the clutch/F brake lever brackets. Turns my KTM into a tripod.

      Likewise, I've been using Paul's (HDB) mirrors for years. I use Al Jesse's (Moto Manufacturing) Moto Docks (machined ball) screwed into the bracket sockets just for camera use.

    • RAM setup isn't as flexible as the magic arm as depicted on your 500. I haven't carried my magic arms on the moto. Might be something I have to consider.

    • The one i have is small, 11 inches extended, the clamp has two threaded holes, 1/4 and 3/8, but a Ram ball might add a little extra to the mix.

      Motorcycles make good tripods