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    • Deep ocean drilling problems. Fracking messing up the water table and such. Sour gas well issues and threats. Open pit tars sands. Abandoned wellheads. Tanker spills. I’d say those are plenty of issues to deal with in order to feed our thirst for oil. Do we really need to mess with yet another place? Maybe the concern is that the Russians will eventually take the oil in the arctic so might as well not miss out. Oil is necessary but they are leaving an environmental nightmare in some places. I live in Alberta, Canada - a place that goes through booms and busts based on oil prices. I’ve also been a heavy equipment operator and restored pits but what disaster is being left for the government to clean up is starting to outweigh the benefits. We need to be more serious about a transition to a cleaner economy. This would require leaving some things alone so we can manage the down stream environmental issues we are causing.