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    • The thing about watching Most Dangerous Game in 7 to 9 minute chapters is that after awhile it becomes a case of “you can’t just watch one.”

      As CEO of Dreamworks Animation and as chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg is responsible for the following hits being made:

      The Little Mermaid

      Beauty and the Beast 


      The Lion King



      Kung Fu Panda

      Monsters vs. Aliens 

      How to Train Your Dragon

      It’s therefore curious why he would start a company to stream short 10 minutes or less content that’s only available on your phone.

      And then I started watching their chapter-based movie, Most Dangerous Game. It’s an action film with a handful of characters, which lends itself to distinct chapter breaks. The first two chapters set up the premise and characters; the remaining thirteen give edge-of-your-seat action and conflict.

      It’s an intriguing idea to break a movie into distinct chapters of seven or eight minutes each. Enough for a cubicle worker to catch a chapter or two when the boss isn’t looking or when on a lunch break.

      And watching a chapter or two at home on your phone is surprisingly not a big deal: you’ll be spending only seven or eight minutes to watch one.

      I think I started watching the movie on Sunday evening and finished up the last four chapters on Thursday evening, so maybe four to five days to complete the movie.

      Another dynamic, which I hadn’t considered, is personal viewing. If you’re a couple and decide what to watch together on the “big TV,” it may be a guilty pleasure to sneak in a chapter before bed.

    • could you give a separate and detailed review on Quibi? I'm very interested in it but the only real news is the funding. I don't see much traction on social media yet.

    • I would suggest following the topic Quibi to stay up to date with my latest reviews—of which there are several—on content streaming on this new platform.

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    • So when is a movie a TV series? Did you think of it as a movie or was your brain thinking TV?

      It felt like a movie from the get go, in part because the lead is a movie star. It also clocks in at around 120 minutes total, which made me assume it was a movie.

      Beyond that, it has become harder to define what makes a story a movie verus a tv show. We watched a two episode Agatha Christie murder mystery on Prime. If they had cut out the recap at the beginning of episode two and merged them together I would call it a movie.