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    • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for ADVRider. I have some of the best friends that anyone could ask for in my life. I’m sorry I missed CADVR this year. It would have been great to meat you.

      I find it amazing how close a family some of us have become. The willingness to help complete strangers has refreshed my faith in humanity.

    • I'm fairly jealous of your ability with a camera, so we will always have that. lol So much so that I got the wonderful group photo in a larger size, and the one with my goofy face and a guitar on a coffe mug for my wife.

    • PIpe down Troublemaker! Don't make me whip out more bad jokes. lol (Even though you are right. It was great to meet him. We missed the Moran Contingent this year, believe me.)

    • You make some good points about how civility is sometimes lost in online conversations or engagements. The Central Regional is pretty calm because over time we've come to a common understanding of what is acceptable there. It only takes a little moderation from time to time to sustain the atmosphere we have there. People get along and in many cases know each other (or know of each other) enough to not over-react or get into petty arguments. People are genuinely helpful, whether it be with local information or responding to breakdowns or emergencies. Nearly all conversations are respectful, even if they involve some disagreement or minor hazing, and anyone that reads other posts in the forum will quickly recognize what the norm is behavior-wise. Outliers that come in with an unpleasant attitude are often quickly guided into a better method of communicating by their fellow inmates in the region. That said, it only takes one or two outliers to stir up some unpleasantness if they are not quickly tended to by peer inmates or moderators. If left unchecked, the residuals from unproductive conflicts can spark more and more future conflicts as people make judgements about future remarks based on past conflicts. As in most organizations, the attitude of principal portion of the site is related to the attitude of the person at the top of the pyramid. His attitude is manifested in the actions of the moderators and the many inmates that contribute to making the site what it is. ADVrider is blessed with visionary leadership at the top, a fine crew of moderators, and a membership of remarkable inmates that share a common culture and many fine values.

    • Stumbling upon a cheap used KLR, then stumbling upon a thread about 2 guys who rode Africa before turning their bikes into boat motors synergistically drew me in and changed my life in so many ways. Tracy and I have developed life-long friendships with wonderful people who we would never have met had it not been for you, ADV and the great people who put the rallies together. I truly can't express how fulfilling it's been for us. And the folks at the Central Rally are more family than family. Thank you for letting us be a part of it all.

    • when you find yourself agreeing with THIS guy... it's amazing though, what happens when you combine motorcycles, the people who ride them, and the web. Your world suddenly becomes so much bigger, yet so much smaller at the same time. Thanks again, Baldy.

      oh and for the record I've broken bread and riden a lot of miles with three of the posters in this little tiny thread already. Lucky bums, we lot are.

    • I'll wake up this sleeping thread to say Thanks, Chris. Thanks for ADV, for SmugMug, for your commitment to the core of what makes it special and awesome and good for people. I really hope to meet up with you at one of these GTGs and thank you in person sometime sooner than later.

    • Please do, it'll give me ammo when I see some of them next weekend.

      I think ADV is successful in part because it's just a vehicle (if you will, nyuk nyuk nyuk), or an empty vessel. Everyone is free to put in what they have and take out what they need. Need tech help? got it. Just want to fart around in JM? check. Want to read about someone travelling the world, or go do it yourself? Got that too. Next weekend we'll be at a quiet little campground on a dead end road in a part of Tennesse where phones don't work and there will be folks there from Wisconsin, NY, Florida, PA, Canada, and every place in between. Including @RoyS and @Mark_O . Hell, come on out- I'll trailer down and bring an extra bike. We could use the kitchen help :nod

      I think another part of ADVs success is because of the kind of people who are attracted to motorcycles, and motorcycle travel in particular. Not everybody can walk up to a campfire with 175 people he's (she's) never met and understand that there are gonna be at least a few lifelong friends there. Give those kind of people a place to look across a campfire at the entire world and good things are bound to happen.

      Dan are you coming next weekend in spite of the shoulder?