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    • From Cake's perspective, a panel can be many things. A panel can be an interview, it can be a presentation, it can be a back-and-forth discussion between experts, and so on. As you know we're also working hard on a feature that will allow panels to accept moderated questions from readers. There are so many possibilities! But they're all panels.

      Hmm, I’ve always thought of a panel as a group of people; and the Merriam-Webster dictionary feels similarly.

      That may be why some people are feeling the need to name each type of “format”. I suppose Panel interview format or Panel workshop format would be more accurate to use. Is that correct?


      As an experiment, I just tried and was able to create a panel with only one person in the panel.


      Would that be called a Panel solo format?

    • I have a small suggestion to add here, not sure how feasible it is.

      When readers who are not part of the panel submit questions, maybe other people can vote on it with a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji. More 👍🏼 will push the question higher up the queue. This way even if not all the questions are answered, at least the more popular questions will have a better chance of being answered.

      Only the panel moderator should be able to see who voted with what emoji. Users not part of the panel only get too see the number of emojis on a question.

      User submitted questions can scroll on the right like in a YouTube live chat as int the gif below. Sorry on mobile, so can't embed links or upload a gif. :(