The experimental antibody cocktail used to treat Donald Trump’s COVID-19 might be the subject of the latest controversy for Trump and his administration.  There are reports floating around that the antibody cocktail used on Trump was derived from human embryonic stem cells i.e. abortion tissue. 

This would obviously fly in the face of pro-life dogma, which vehemently opposes the use of fetal-derived human embryonic stem cells for research and medical treatments. Upon doing some more research, it looks like the research done to help develop the cocktail was done using cells that originally were fetal-derived kidney stem cells dating back to an abortion in the Netherlands in the 1970s, but they cells have multiplied to a point that they would no longer be considered abortion tissue. 

It is false to say that fetal-derived human embryonic stem cells were used in the antibody cocktail that treated Donald Trump. But, it is true that fetal-derived human embryonic stem cells were used in the research that helped develop the cocktail, more specifically test the potency of the antibodies. 

While it would be much more problematic for pro-lifers to defend a cocktail that directly came from fetal-derived human embryonic stem cells, they still are in a bit of a quandary since they oppose research of any kind that involves these kind of stem cells. By extension, they should thus oppose using any treatment that involved such research even if the treatment itself doesn’t use any of those cells. Thoughts? 

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