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    • Warming technology is so important because warmth is a basic need, as important as food or water. Warmth, for some people it’s a matter of comfort, there’s a place for warmth in everyone’s life, from warmth for a sports fan or saving a baby’s life in Kenya. I feel it’s one of the most amazing things I could be working on with my material engineering background. What I found was it’s one thing to have access to warmth when you’re connected to the grid, but there’s a number of places where you don’t have access to portable, safe warmth, like a hospital 4-6 hours away from the nearest city. So we found being able to provide portable, safe, re-usable, instant warmth could touch the lives of many people. And as we were growing as a company, we found warmth is difficult to get the temperatures right. There’s a lot of different products out there but if you’re looking at some electric blankets or gloves, they can overheat and accidentally burn people, and you can’t do that with a baby! We chose to focus on babies because not only was it personally meaningful, but also the population that our team identified as needing safe, portable, instant warmth the most. So it was really amazing to be able to help apply warmth to a population where 1 million infants are dying of hypothermia, and it was mind-blowing to us that someone wasn’t doing something to help these babies. And we were able to take all our thermal models, testing, clinical trials and manufacturing, and start translating that to other applications for adults as well as animals. We actually warm reptiles, like snakes and lizards, as well as primates! So we’re actually doing a lot to help warm not just people but also animals too.