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    • So for us, we’ve been working with the US Armed Forces, to break into more of the adult warming segment. We’ve been successfully working in midwifery warming as well. In Alaska, we broke in and just this year learned that in Alaska there’s a law that requires you be able to transport babies in a heated device, and a lot of midwives have been turning to Warmilu to provide that safe transport solution! In addition to that, adult warming is really one of the best applications for the technology, because we’ve been doing some new stuff that makes it easier to charge. Our warming packs can now be reset in the microwave, in addition to boiling. Imagine you’re a grandmother with arthritis, or if you’re in the battlefield, you can reset the packs in a variety of ways. So that’s been a very new innovation. We’ll be applying for a new patent to cover that part of our technology. So that’s really exciting! And some of the developments we’re pushing towards include light weighting, using materials to extend heat-generating but make them much lighter (a current pack weighs about 5 pounds) so that will allow us to break into disaster and emergency response as well as battlefield warming applications.