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    • Yes! The first is NEVER GIVE UP. There’s a phrase from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and one of the Oprah Life classes, he said “Have faith that on the other side of your pain is something good.” And that’s gotten me through so many challenges.

      The challenges of growing a startup is you can do your best to predict the highs and lows, but you never know. One year we were supposed to get 1,000 blankets ordered through one of the countries we serve, and it never came in. What ended up happening, though, was the year we grew from warming babies in 3 hospitals in 3 countries to 9 hospitals in 8 countries, so within that year, we had more than double levels of expanding. And that was game-changing, it allowed us to start working with UCSF as well as Doctors Without Borders.

      So that year, I remember hoping we were going to make it, talking to the team and letting them know that cash would be tight, and we’d have to do a lot of work on the business development side, and then we ended up becoming a better company for it. So that was the year we expanded, we got the $50K grant from the US FDA, and it was a good year. 

      And collaboration! Whenever possible. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you’re the only person holding onto the ideas. Sometimes the ideas never leave that place in our head. But sometimes when you start sharing them with people, you’ll be surprised at how ideas can take root, grow and blossom, simply by sharing them with someone. If you have similar values, that’s how you get the opportunity to grow. There’s a TED talk I give about this. That’s how you grow teams of not 5-10 people but 7 billion people. That’s how you think globally to problem solve, is having that mindset.