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    • Warmilu is our non-electric warming technology company that makes medical devices and also custom cut and sew products to fit those warming technologies. So our US patented warming technology is our Multiplatform technology, it’s the thing that powers all that we do. So our flagship product is the Warmilu Infant warming incubator blanket, and it’s now warming 7,200 babies in 30 hospitals in 11 countries. And we work with partners, the key to our success is being a material science engineering company with a heart, and working with amazing partners like Doctors without Borders in Bangladesh, the University of California San Francisco, and finally other organizations including the branches of the US Armed Forces. So that’s Warmilu in a nutshell. And we’re able to accomplish all this because we raised about $112K in grant funding, the cofounders kicked in about $4.5k in our own funding, and raised $262K in pre-seed funding from external investors including WeWork, University of Michigan, Hillman Accelerator in partnership with Procter & Gamble. So that funding has gone a long way!