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    • Yes! So currently we are closer to about 8,000 babies we’ve impacted over the years. And that is really meaningful. It’s a long way from my ultimate goal of warming 1,000,000 babies globally. Because we know that 1 million babies die from hypothermia. But even warming 8,000 is amazing. Normally medical device companies can take 18 years to be approved, so to be able to do this in 8 years is beyond amazing. Now in terms of the actual stories, those are the ones that - with the blankets, I’ve never gone and had the chance to see them being used in-person. Usually we’re there with medical teams before the project gets rolling, we’ll send 50, 100, 200 blankets, and then we get these photos, these live updates from WHatsApp from our doctors, and one of my favorite stories was we were able to warm these twins who were transported to a hospital, they were very blueish and gray before they were in the blankets and by the time they got to the hospital, not only did they survive, but they weren’t hypothermic anymore. And so that’s one of my favorite stories so far. That hospital had been having very high mortality rates for babies, 65% incidence of hypothermia in the babies they were transporting, and we never knew you could fit 2 twins in the white blanket we have on our website! I think the photo of those twins are on the website.

      The other story I love so much is we were at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital, and we were warming babies there, and they were actually putting the blankets right near the mother, so after she was done breastfeeding, she could set them in the incubator blanket to get some rest, which was wonderful. So what happened was our team had been working with the governors wife of that county, so she talked about our work to the president’s wife of Kenya! So the First Lady of Kenya, who is beloved for her infant and maternal health work, she came to the hospital, saw our blankets in-use, and she is like THE President’s Wife of Kenya, the Oprah there. So that was beyond words amazing.