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    • Wow. Fascinating (and chilling) article.

      In a 10-week span since the towers were installed, Lattice helped agents catch 55 people and seize 982 pounds of marijuana. (For 39 of those individuals, drugs were not involved, suggesting they were just looking for a better life.)

      What happens next? Do we create mobile border check-points—DHS officials on ATVs who apprehend the few who are drug runners before pulling out laptops to process others who are seeking asylum, and then directing the remainder back to their own country? Or does the fact that these people are now detectable in a no-man’s land make it too easy to just send out a DoD battlefield drone to eliminate the “enemy” without ever having any human contact at all? For current leaders, who have not even blinked when confronted with the cruelty of separating families, drone-kills might be a welcome option. Sickening.

      @Chris — you broke the rules. This thread was supposed to be apolitical.

      As if...