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    • motel Camping is hard

      Or is it? Different bed and pillows every night. What to leave in what to leave out.

      My wife claims it’s easier to tent camp than it is to motel for business.

      Add a pet and what do you get?

    • I remember your original thread of sort of pondering the #vanlife or and on the road vagabond living for business...I too was seeking the absolute perfect model....I pursued glamping to max based on space available with my station wagon. It was -sorta- fun to try that a couple of times but, it was a ton of work in prep, deployment and repacking the rig onsite which typically means I have to thoroughly unpack and repack when I get home.

      I am now willing to subscribe that as much as a really enjoy camping, sometimes checking into a motel/hotel is sooo worth it.

      A recent weekend trip to Newport Beach was really so much better by staying at a Motel 6. $100 a night for clean sheets, solid A/C and a hot shower.

    • Ahahahaha....I know *exactly* where that is!

      Why would it be substantially different?

      For a short time, I did do some road trips for work by automobile - simply because our equipment necessary was constantly being damaged by FedEx, UPS, or DHL when it was being moved. Yes, we'd need to move the equipment once to our first location, but from there, it was a lot easier just to do 2000 miles in two weeks going from place to place to do our work.

      Some of the locations did feel like motel camping. As a motorcyclist that's very used to motel camping (hey, no problems at all with Motel6 here...mostly!), we could plan on staying at nicer places for the weekend.

    • We just returned from a 6 night motel stay trip. We ordered several pallets of material and decided to U-Haul it. We could save 1k and get an adventure out of the deal.

      Our last trip I got bedbugs from a $69 dollar motel. I tell you because I think I’m scarred for life now. Every room I fear them and something is always crawling on me. Lol

      This trip with our dog we found that OK you pay the pet fee. $10 to $20 bucks a night and guess what? You then end up in a “pet room.” Our first pet room of the trip had 15 pee stains and reeked. In fact the whole area reeked. All the pet rooms have a pet odor and of course you fear the dog being the pee culprit. Sniffing the room and wanting to cover the previous dogs smell. Hence the 15 pee stains. This is what it is but a factor and we will board the dog from now on.

      We like to cook to save money. So we haul a kitchen and a couple coolers with us. We carry a table and will set it up in the room. So the question becomes why not just camp? You can back right up to a picnic table and just about do everything rather than haul it all over creation. Finding a room that you can back up to the door is a solution to this.

    • Holy crap....I have never had bed bugs but that would freak me out. And, I have never been a pet owner but as well, what horrific experience. Is towing a small RV out of the question? It seems like that would be the best solution for your application?

      If you have the ability tow, it seems you can get a new one for $200/month which means I bet you could find a 5 year old one for less than $10K.

    • Yes, Beatty is a fun area and has water. There is a cool pond to check out at the south end of town and Ryolite is fun to explore. We will be back in a couple weeks as the start of the Vegas to Reno offroad race starts there.

      I think he was going to eat the alfalfa truck.

    • It’s tough isn’t it? Trying to find the perfect setup. This is what we ended up with. Which was a good machine. Problem was the air cond didn’t work in the truck. Lol.

      I’ll take a non working air cond over bed bugs everyday!

    • An experience indeed! I like the story of the hooker that they wouldn’t allow being buried in the cemetery. So they buried her on her own little plot. Which now is a bit of a hooker shrine. Tough people back then.

      To your question of the RV I think that would work there are two factors that make that difficult. One I have a small van and it can’t pull anything of any size. The other is we like to stop in on folks and peddle our wares. I’m not sure they would accept us as well pulling a trailer. ??

    • a bit of a hooker shrine

      Yes, I love doing the whole road trip up there and cat-houses are definitely a part of the "culture". Everyone of them seem to have a story.....I liked this one where the plane crashed.

    • Last known as "Angel's Ladies" if I recall correctly...been closed for a few years.

      A group of us from a different motorcycle-based forum head to that region & base out of Beatty. An interesting place, indeed!

    • Nevada truly is the Wild West IMO. Real down to earth people that want to be left alone and tons of secret sights to see. Have you ever been to Ash Meadows? Crazy desert cool. How about Manhattan or Belmont? The Date Farm?

    • I have been to Ash Meadows....I have gotten to know Jim Boone personally from his website which was my 1st stop on a weekend morning to plot the next adventure.

      I made this Youtube vid explaining how to create a Google MyMap and giving Jim props for his website because he includes the waypoints that you can upload to your custom MyMap.

    • I have not ventured away from the group that I rendezvous with on that annual trip.

      There *is* a potential excursion opportunity this fall that may include an overnight there in Beatty.

    • We tried the app this time. It gives you a night free for every ten nights. I like the app and we filtered for pet friendly this time. You really have to dig a little deeper though. Some say free continental breakfast when it’s just a bowl of cereal in the lobby. As we really never know where we are going to end up for the night the research is done from the road usually an hour before we stop.

      I never leave reviews but this time the dog pee stains and stink in the $20 pet fee room drove me over the edge. Well maybe it was the two large pit bulls in the eating area at breakfast. We love dogs more than people but there does need to be some order. Lol

      Our last night in Tonopah we stayed at the Tonopah Station. (Not on the app) We had a good dinner and the room was nice. As we left at 5 am to make our way home a dog was sniffing at base of the door of the room next to us. It then started barking. Those poor dog owners got woke up early I’m afraid.

    • Our last trip I got bedbugs from a $69 dollar motel. I tell you because I think I’m scarred for life now. Every room I fear them and something is always crawling on me. Lol

      I’ve never gotten bed bugs, in spite of traveling 40% of my life for several years, but I’ve watched enough Hotel Impossible to be freaked out by staying at an ultra budget hotel.

      Whenever I travel, I try to stay at place that has an in-room kitchenette. For a three week out of town project, you appreciate a home cooked meal or even a simple turkey sandwich after several days of restaurants.

      For vacations, we tend to bookend a hotel night on the first and last days of camping: you appreciate a nice hotel room and a restaurant meal after a week of sleeping on an air mattress and cooking meals outdoors.