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    • I don't drink teqkilya....but, you gotta love this ad....beautiful bikes....I mean Clooney doesn't age...even without photoshop. As I was leaving my local upscale Wendy's having a cheeseburger and drinking my Mello Yello....this ad sort of transports you instantly....No gear but some awesome bikes. LOL

    • LOL.

      I’m so used to seeing women models not ATGATTed that I have to confess, this was a tiny bit refreshing. 🥴

    • I got to test ride an Energica the other day, which accelerates like a bat out of Hell, and I ditched the jacket so I could fly the ADV colors. It was so nice.

    • Who cares? New Zealanders. Their no-fault accident insurance/compensation scheme is funded by a tax (ACC) levy on vehicle registrations (amongst other things).

      It's a brilliant piece of social engineering. If you crash without gear then your (Free to you) hospital costs are likely to be higher (on the public purse) and subsequently everyone's levy will be higher.

      So nearly everyone is a defacto ATGATT nazi.