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    • First, what is the purpose of this poll? Decision makers can make better policy when they hear from an informed public. Rather than just dryly presenting the facts, I've made this into a quiz game called "You Are Probably Wrong About Almost Everything."

      As the "almost everything" part of the name implies, this is one in a series of polls on important issues. The aim is to provoke interest in the topic and provide an opportunity to learn more about it. If this post gets a good response, I'll post the other polls.

      Your answer, even your participation, is anonymous, even to me. Nobody will know what you picked in the poll. I can only see how many people voted for each of the options. I'll post in the comments the percentage of people who got the answer wrong, simply to highlight the need for a better informed public on the topic. So, on to the poll.

      Out of 100 people in America, how many do you think are immigrants? As used here, the term "immigrants" (also known as the foreign born) refers to people now residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth.

      Take the poll, then visit this site to find the correct answer:

      Please don't be a spoiler and reveal the correct answer here. But feel free to make the comment "I proved you wrong." I won't mind. This is a game I hope I lose.

    • With seven votes in, more than 70% of the answers are wrong - and mine was one of the right ones. Without revealing the correct answer, what's your reaction to the poll and finding out you have more to learn about the issue of immigration? Did you find the article about the issue informative and authoritative? Do you have any issues with it's facts and conclusions?

      BTW, the percentage of wrong answers here is in line with the poll results on Facebook and G+, both of which received quite a number of responses.

      Also, what was your experience getting to and using the poll site? This is my first time using it and was surprised that after I voted, I was given the option to cast a second vote. The poll is rigged! Well, no, but I need to figure out how to fix that. Anyone here with experience in using Google Forms for polls?