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    • LauriNovak

      Green. It's not my favorite color but in thinking about a color I'm grateful for green is the color that came to mind. Green for life, growth, spring, and freshness all was what popped into my head.

    • DanSolarMan

      Blue was always my favorite but green has more emotion more feeling more depth.

      When I went to paint my house I pulled a leaf off a Maple tree. The green became the body and the brown became the trim. Nature matches colors beautifully.

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Green for me too because it symbolizes lush forests and pastures, the beauty of Ireland, the movement to keep the earth healthy and clean, and leafy greens—the healthiest foods.

    • Vilen

      I'm also a fan of green. Technically being a designer, I should be in love with "Raspberry" or "Blueberry", which are the official colors of Cake and the ones I've advocated for and implemented.

      But... I like green because it reminds me of nature and outdoors. I love being out and seeing green pastures and forests with all of their sounds and smells.

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