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    • The most anticipated gaming console in recent years is finally here, Sony's PlayStation 5. And it looks sexy af.

      The industry has taken a shift to online distribution for video games recently, and as such there will also be a Digital Edition of the console with no optical disc drive.

      A bunch of games have been announced including some heavy-hitting sequels like Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales to follow-up their hugely successful predecessors. Hitman 3 was also announced (though this game will be available on the PS4 too), as was GTA V (the second remaster after it came out first for the PS3 then the PS4). Ratchet & Clank, a classic PlayStation title will get a PS5 game, which will make long-time fans of the franchise really happy. A number of new titles were also announced alongside the big names, including one peculiar game where you are a cat in a cyberpunk world. lolwut?

      No pricing is available yet, but the console is in production and will be available by the end of the year. Are you gonna pick it up?

    • I probably won't be for awhile but it's not due to any issues with the console and games that all look great, Microsoft's Game Pass has me in their ecosystem. But the All Digital Edition makes me wonder if Sony is going to finally push PSNow which is their equivalent in a major way. If they started including their exclusives when they come out along with 3rd party games a bit later after release and their huge back catalog on there that's enough for most people.

      I'd love to see and it would give me a lot more motivation to get a PS5 later in the generation if 60/year gets me all those PlayStation exclusives that I'd be buying the console for.

      I only skipped around but was there anything about the SSD? That's the most interesting and concerning thing to me about the PS5. It has a custom controller allowing for much higher IO speeds than the drives currently in computers, or the XBox Series X. So that's going to be a cool bit of tech to see utilized by their first party studios. But at 1TB and IIRC no way to upgrade at launch with games already going up to or over 100GB that'll fill up quickly so I wonder how they're going to try to mitigate that.

    • Yep, I'm there for Day 1. Psyched for the new Horizon! Going for the digital version (no physical drive), as I but digital exclusively, and have no need for physical media any more.

      Not too crazy about the two-tone styling, though. This thing will stick out in my all-black setup.