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    • I never watch the commercials on cable/satellite TV. That is what a DVR is for. A lot of streaming seem to still have a few even if you pay for the service and I tend to avoid those sites as a result.

    • I've never had cable in all of my life. For the last five or so months I've subscribed to CraveTV because iTunes movies have gone up in price and I was looking for a cheaper form of entertainment. Glad I made the switch.

    • We're about to go back to the cord. It's been a year since we cut it, and it's just not worth the savings. We've been on Amazon fire sticks, Netflix, and Amazon prime. No over air antennae work as we sit in a steep valley facing the wrong way from the city. Unlocked fire sticks did ok at first, but the constant updating, apps changing, and it seems the higher demand means poorer streaming has caused enough frustration in the family to go back.

    • I definitely hear that a lot of over the air antennas aren’t great... I still need to find a good one short of a tripod on the roof I’m told those work awesome!

    • I haven't paid for a traditional cable/satellite TV subscription in nearly 7 years. Throughout these years I've played with over-the-air quite a bit. At first it was to try and get the local news, but the news is depressing anyways and I've been much happier without it. Then it was to try and watch national sporting events like the Olympics, NBA/NHL finals, etc. Now I can sometimes get that by subscribing to Hulu Live for the month of the event, then downgrade as soon as it ends.

      My days of finding the best way to integrate over-the-air into my streaming devices are probably done, but the last time I tried it was actually kind of nice.

      It all comes down to to having a good HD antenna pointed in the right direction. A quick Google search will result in various sites that can tell you where to point your antenna based on your address. Mounting one up high and outside is best, but if you have an attic it can go there as well.

      One important factor for me was integrating the live TV signal into the streaming device I use, but most streaming devices don't have TV tuners built in. This is where the HDHomeRun came in handy. It's a TV tuner that connects to your home network and makes the live signal available to various connected devices.

      When apps became available on the Apple TV, it made the integration so much better. Channels is a great app for iOS and Apple TV that will see the HDHomeRun and within a minute of installing will start giving you live, free, local TV. 😀

    • I cut cable TV a few months ago. I'm a heavy watcher of sports. I was worried I wouldn't be able to watch them anymore.

      What I've discovered is that there's a whole world of (free) streaming out there. Most of the time, it's possible to find a feed of the game or event you want to watch. Not always, but most of the time. The drawbacks are that the video quality is typically poor (certainly not HD), you cannot record it and feeds are prone to lagging and just dropping out altogether. So, it's not ideal but it's adequate.

      It's better for movies and TV shows. I'm amazed by what's out there for streaming. Highly organized, too. And because it's a stream there are no pirate downloads, so no malware and -- to the best of my knowledge -- no law-breaking by the user, only the provider.

      If it weren't for the cost of cable TV I wouldn't be doing this. So far, at any rate, it's working out satisfactorily. But I sense that there's a lot of flux in this area and that things could change in a hurry if anyone gets seriously interested in stopping the streams.

    • Now when I do see a commercial it’s almost strange.

      Sometimes the latest funny commercial will be brought up in conversation during a family gathering. My mom will often turn to me and ask, "have you seen the latest [some brand] commercial with the [funny subject]?". I always have to remind her that I don't see commercials when I watch TV. I just watch the show or movie that I want to watch. To this day, it's still a strange concept to some.

      I also enjoy getting asked when talking about a new show I've been watching, "oh that sounds cool, what channel is that on?". A lot of times, if it isn't a Netflix or HBO original, I don't have the answer to their question. 😆

    • My reason is the Warriors. We had TV problems during one game and had to watch using the NBA app on the iPad. Uggh. They showed ONE - THE SAME ONE! - commercial every time there was a break in the action. I thought I would scream, no way to skip it. We Tivo the games so we can scroll through halftime, commercials, etc. If I had to watch on one of those apps I would not be able to stand it.

    • I recently discovered FuboTV. It's not cheap, $49 per month but I was able to watch all the NFL games I wasn't able to on Sunday Ticket.

      The NFL blocks games broadcast on local television from being streamed on their Sunday Ticket digital app. I discovered FuboTV when I couldn't stream a game on Fox (or maybe it was CBS).

      Looks like there's a decent amount of other sports like Soccer as well.

      It was easy to cancel via itunes store. Unlike trying to cancel cable which is a huge pain. I'll subscribe again in the fall.

      Anyone else cut the cord in the last year?

    • I didn't know about FuboTV but they look very interesting. Why did you pick them over YouTube TV?

      Looking at the reviews, it looks like Fubo has better coverage of soccer but YouTube has better streaming quality — for example, the Olympics at 60 fps. Hmmm.

    • I didn't know about FuboTV but they look very interesting. Why did you pick them over YouTube TV?

      honestly... the day I couldn't watch the Patriots (super bowl champions ahem) on Sunday Ticket or local cable I just googled how to watch NFL online and they showed up in the search results. At first I was skeptical, I just assumed the google servers were confused and thought I wanted to watch futbol but actually they had a lot of content and the quality was good.

      And a free a trial.