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    • I had no one handy to help me measure and set my dirt bike sag so I figured it can’t be too hard to make a tool myself. I’ve never seen a real self setting sag tool but figured it shouldn’t be too hard to figure something out.

      First mission was to find some rod or pole. Found an old mop handle.

      Second was to figure out how to attach it to my dirt bike. Found a couple of c-clamps that did the trick.

      Third thing I needed was something to slide up and down the handle. Thought to myself if only I had a piece of tube just a little bigger than the mop handle. Looked around and found a piece of tubing I had cut off a bicycle seat post. Perfect fit! Grabbed a file and touched up the inside and outside edges. Slid nicely.

      Fourth thing I needed was something to hold the tube from sliding up and down. If only I had an o-ring that fit... Found one :-)

      Fifth was how to measure or mark the start and finish points. Grabbed a black marker and marked where the o-ring sat with the tube fully up as far as it would go when the dirt bike was on the stand.

      Finally I got my gear on and sat down on the bike. Moved a bit to let it settle and then got off the bike. The pipe was being held nicely by the o-ring at the bottom of the place the suspension settled to. Measured how far the o-ring moved and as luck would have it the suspension was at 105mm sag. I’ll leave it at that. Tightened the shock collar nut and sat back and felt quite satisfied how finally something had all gone my way and fallen into place easily. Some days it just all comes together.

      Have you made any tools for yourself over the years?

    • I got few of those 'visitor pass' retractable lanyards and used one to kludge something to help me accomplish sag measurements..

      After few tries, I got the cut so as the little piece of paper friction on the wire to be 'just right' and it moves with the sag but stays in place once it's reached the maximum location, and I can measure sag.