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    • ... or alternatively - Interesting Photos of Motorcycles.

      The Rulez: Describe the bike or the photo - and what makes it interesting - and discuss.

      I'll start with Al's Buell Firebolt, 'The Punisher' - and its extensive use of ceramic coatings and finishes.

    • Dave I know you like Indians I saw this beauty at turn 1 at Phillip Island a few years ago when we were attending the world superbike races.

      The suspension is very interesting.

    • Another angle shows the front suspension.

      Pity I could not get the owner to move into a clearing.

    • I used to be a photographer for Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach and have a frenetic schedule photographing all the cars. But I couldn't resist rushing over to where the bikes were parked and getting some shots. Bikes I had never heard of that were restored to pristine condition. Pure eye candy.

    • The Digga - firstly because of alluding to a 'tractor' in its name - and secondly because it's a Sportster racing on a beach - at the Burt Munro Challenge - Invercargill NZ.

    • The suspension is very interesting.

      So we call that a 'linkage fork'?

      Supposedly the next big thing in MTB design.

    • 4-Time world GP Champion Hugh Anderson and a genuine 'Mike Bike' - at Pukekohe Classics Festival - Aukland NZ 2010.

    • I have no idea what this bike is. I was heading from Wasilla to Dawson for the annual Dust-To-Dawson ride and ran into this cat at the pumps. No fancy Beemer for this

    • And, on my way back I saw this guy on a bubblebee yellow Harley and had to turn around and get him to stop for a photo. Mostly because this is literally out in BFE and this guy was just taking a Sunday cruise.

    • This is my pal Brian's immaculate K0 Sand Cast Honda CB750. It's one of a mouthwatering collection of classic Japanese Motorcycles in his vault.

    • EVERYTHING is Steampunk if you wait long enough.

      I was just looking at some Scramblers on Bikesales just now. I've had some epic adventures on 'em in the past - one could well find it's way into my Fleet when I win Lotto.

    • My friend 'Kenny Cumulus' worked there. (So-called because he was always that high.)

      His job was general hand, sweeping, keeping the workshop tidy - and most importantly: rolling the joints. He speaks of a wonderful time and a terrible tragedy.

      Andrew Stroud also talks of the front end disintegrating at 200kph. They fixed it though.

      Stroudy giving it a workout: (He always used to spot me on demo laps and put on a show for the mag.)

    • This Stage IV Street Glide was interesting by virtue of its 120+horsepower and that with a bit of encouragement it would wheelstand.

      It looked rather fly and with optional long reach saddle fitted it was a comfortable as a comfy thing on national comfort day and was fitted with all the fruit and a lovely paint job.