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    • These Energica electrics look pretty sweet. I get to see one tomorrow:

      I am very curious how you liked it, of course if you did test ride, as I recall you telling how you were distracted from the task at hand! ;-)

    • I rarely visit ADV any more since I no longer have a bike in the, I am sure this has been talked about to death over there.....but, I was at the Ride Now dealership trying to get my Kawasaki Jet Ski serviced and saw this on the showroom floor....

      STRICTLY IMHO, it seemed the African Twin was one of the 1st gen ADV bikes...precursor to KTM's Dakar dominance....but, just a quick walk-by ( I dare not stare...I might end up talking to a it seemed very plastic-ey and more suited for the same audience that demands a 4WD Land Rover just so they can drive to Whole Foods. The same person that eventually sells their motorcycles and states the motorcycle has never been ridden in the rain...hahahahh WTF?

      I know this moto OEM are desperate to get people to buy new....but, I think the energy here around CAKE believes that electic is the only way an expanded and new demographic is going to hit the showroom floor.

      Kids probably look at this and it might inspire them but.....

    • Last year I rented an Africa Twin in Vegas and rode it for a couple days at the Pahrump rally, sometimes two-up with @gorudy on some tricky rutted gravel.

      I took it way up in the mountains on washboard gravel on the last morning at highway speeds. I came to really like it.

      Here’s a beautifully filmed review of how it does in soft sand:

    • Wow...I stand corrected...thanks for sharing that great vid...and, that guy can ride! I am now impressed. Glad I did not spend anymore time at the dealership....that could be tempting....

    • Husqvarna VITPILEN 701 AERO Concept by Kiska Design Studio is hot and cool at the same time with blue metallic paint and white accents.

    • thanks Chris...I picked it up last fall......I've had two over the years, a 72 roadster that went to Australia and this one. I wasn't looking for a project but this belonged to a friend. He inherited it from his Dad who bought it new. Currently has 7k miles on it. He initially asked me to help him restore it, after a while he realized he wasnt ever going to and, knowing I do this sort of thing, offered it to me. i couldn't pass it up. Factory Producion Race kit as well as the original roadster parts. Not many around so I did a total restore. I have 4 or 5 keepers and this is certainly a keeper!...