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    • Hi. I'm a Google+ refugee, as we've been called since Google announced the platform will be shut down next year. Like many other refugees, I too have been in search of a "replacement", but not in the way you might think.

      I've been a Google+ user for many years, and in that time I've amassed quite a following. So when things started taking a turn for the worse, I noticed it. Meaningful interactions were declining, spam was proliferating, and more and more prominent users were leaving the platform. Eventually, I decided to give Twitter a try, first in a passive manner, then as an active user, just to see if the grass really was greener on the other side. After a week, I found myself surprised at how much I was enjoying the platform, but it didn't completely replace Google+ for me. Instead, I ended up using both platforms simultaneously, as they each worked in different ways and served different purposes for me. Twitter was my source of news, where I followed news portals, brands, and people like YouTubers, journalists, and my favourite celebrities. Google+ was where I went to post long-form content, as I've always had a passion for writing. However, with Google+ shutting down, I needed to find a new place for my writing. I had considered blogging sites like Medium and WordPress, until I found Cake.

      What attracted me to Cake was the concept of it. It's like a social network, but not really. It's like a blogging platform, but not really. Posts are more like blog posts rather than social media posts. Instead of a post with one link, one video, or a few images attached at the end, I can write a paragraph followed by a video, then another paragraph followed by an image. I can add hyperlinks to my text as well, or put text in block quotes. It's basically blogging, which I love doing. It helps that the writing experience is super slick as well. As I'm writing my first post I'm really excited by the UI. It's ridiculously clean with zero clutter, and really easy to use. No toolbars take up the UI. Instead, a floating toolbar will popup when you highlight text, allowing you to format the text or turn it into a hyperlink. It's a really good design, which makes posting to Cake an enjoyable experience.

      Another thing I like about the platform is how you follow topics, rather than people. For those who've used Google+, this concept might seem familiar to you, as this is exactly how Collections work. I had a few thousand followers on my Google+ profile, but tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers on my Collections. Collections was one of the best features of Google+, and Cake is basically Collections on steroids. A social network revolving around interests, rather than people, is a great way to have your content reach not just more people, but more of the right people.

      I look forward to posting more on this platform. As people will follow topics and not follow me personally, I can write about anything I want and not have to worry about catering to my followers.

      This will be fun.

    • Welcome JazliAziz. One key note, as I understand it so far, I would say that topics are more like G+ communities rather then collections.

    • Feeling very much the same way. One thing I notice, though, is that you cannot create your own topic/interest/collection. Or at least, I don't think you can. The current list is fairly comprehensive, but will still fall short for people wishing to discuss ultra-specific or narrow subjects. "Sheep Farming in Barnet", for example.

      Of course, I can also see the dangers inherent in giving folks that kind of power ! Maybe the way forward is to allow people to apply to create a new topic, and Cake can authorise it if fulfils the normal criteria?

      Again, if this is already possible, apologies. I am a relatively new member (also from G+). And yes, I was a fan of Toyah Willcox in my youth, hence the reference to sheep above.

    • I'm probably one of many that are 'getting into' modern social media about a decade too late. 😕 I've been an avid user of Usenet back in the day, along with a continued use of forums for various interests.

      In creating my first blog ever earlier this year, the intent was to capture in a semi-permanent location a repository of some of the thoughts feelings and a few photos from a return to motorcycling a decade ago.

      I didn't share a lot from the blog into G+; here was a line of demarcation that could be set up intentionally.

      Did I enjoy the (small) amount of interaction my blog created? Sure, but then it will sit in the exabytes of other data out there, neglected and unread.

      I did post the latest blog entries in @Chris motorcycle forum, where it was read by those that enjoy that style of motorcycling.

      Would I post something like that here? Again, those that enjoy long distance endurance motorcycling here is probably less than a handful right now - and that's okay.

      Google+ was great for people 'just to dabble' in social media for the reasons that have been brought up in other threads here. Vastly better signal-noise ratio. Suspect Cake will be the same, as this Google+ migration builds a head of steam over the next several months.

      (less than 100 G+ followers, only met two IRL Never been a member of what you'd call the biggies [FB, Twitter, IG, et. al.] either)

    • Of course, I can also see the dangers inherent in giving folks that kind of power ! Maybe the way forward is to allow people to apply to create a new topic, and Cake can authorise it if fulfils the normal criteria?

      This is exactly how the topics work. Anyone can suggest a topic while starting a conversation. Each conversation can have up to 5 topics, so there is a chance at least some of them already exist. When a new topic is suggested, we here at Cake take a look at it, categorize it (if needed) to make it easy to navigate to, and approve it. Topics are the foundation of Cake, which is why we want to make sure they don't get out of hand. It makes it a bit less flexible, but I think it is the right approach, doesn't it?

      I'm glad you asked this question, CygnusX1!

    • I'm another G+ refuge. All of the other social media platforms being thrown around didn't seem to scratch that G+ itch quite well enough. I'm glad Cake has been passed around. I haven't used it extensively (in fact, this is the first piece of content I'm writing for it) but it seems like Medium and G+ had a delicious baby.

    • Medium and G+ had a delicious baby

      Hahaha, that's an awesome line. I used to hear that what we're building is Reddit and Medium had a baby. Welcome to Cake, Draconicrose. 😁