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    • Millennials love bikes and adventure motorcycling. But what kind of bikes? And what kind of traveling?

      To me personally, the ideal motorcycle would be:

      - electric. Fossil fuels need to go

      - lightweight and off-road capable

      - affordable

      - manufactured by a company whose values include gender equality, inclusivity, who hire lots of women and people of color, who are environmentally and socially responsible and innovative

      - sold by dealerships who value all customers, not just old white men

      - marketed in a way that includes families, women, people of color

      What do you think is a perfect millennial ADV bike?

    • It's funny you mention this. I'm fresh off a visit to Ducati's new showcase store in New York City and they've dedicated a big chunk of the store to their Scrambler brand, which is designed and marketed for millenials:

      This bike looked like so much fun: it's lighter, lower, barer than most ADV bikes and I could imagine myself on it on remote dirt roads in Australia with the wind in my face.

    • Electric scrambler, count me in!

      I agree with you Egle, the fact that motorcycling is targeted towards such a narrow demographic is not doing the sport any good.

      But it seems that the consumer needs to drive the change. So the more women and people of colour show up riding bikes and sharing their passion on social media, the more chance we have of the brands considering us as a viable target market.

      I think electric will change the game further for women. With electric bikes the overall weight and height of the bike isn't as constrained as it is with fossil fuel bikes. Plus it will speak to the generation.

      What are the chances of electric bikes being more affordable than electric cars? Just throwing the questions out there. I think what drove the babyboom generation to bikes was their affordability over cars. Could we have a second wave like that with electric bikes?

    • Good question about Ducati and women. I was aware of the ad campaigns they used to run featuring women before being bought by Audi. I helped make a short film of photographer Renee Robyn, who is a great rider, and I rented a Ducati Monster partly because of this story:

      I also rented it because IT'S RED AND LOOKS AWESOME!! Here's how the film turned out:

    • Chris, wow, Rene is AWESOME!! Any chance I could interview her for Women ADV Riders??

      Chantal, I recently talked to the founders of the Cake KALK bike, and I really love their ad:

      I love everything about it. The aesthetic, the lightness, the two riders, everything just speaks to me.

      Unfortunately, they're only making light off road, not ADV bikes... for now :D

    • Yes I saw the ad, great ad and awesome looking bike. If this works it's only a matter of time until we see an adv bike with the same concept.

      Chris wat a beautiful video of a beautiful human. There are some wise quotes and insights in there!