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    • The first of Sept. I left the job I had been with for 20 years. Retirement? I'm not ready to retire but I am ready for more time to myself and less work. I think I will call it partial retirement. Now I want to do something different, experience new things and spread my wings so to speak.

      To be able to do the things I want to do I will need to work some to earn enough money for my play time. I'm just starting to look and I'm probably chasing unicorns but I enjoy chasing those mythical creatures. I want to find a part time flexible way of earning money and I hope some of you can provide suggestions. Nov., Dec., and Jan. I am open to working full time so I'm guessing I will be able to find something for the busy holiday seasons. One thought is working a Christmas Tree lot. I'm good with working minimum wage jobs and as long as I can do it physically. I'm interested in trying almost anything just for the experience and of course to make some money. I'm sure there are a lot of things I'm not thinking of in the way of earning a few dollars.

      For my fun time I'm going to try new things as well. Searching the internet for active fun things older people do I discovered either I'm using the wrong terms or not that many older people are doing things I'm interested in. Either I find the example of the older person doing things that are extreme for me or the activities that are fairly sedentary. I'm looking forward to doing things I haven't had time for until now. Things I intend to do: a lot of motorcycling (single track dirt, dual sport, adventure and street), bicycling, hiking, camping, geocaching, kayaking and discovering new things. I know there are others out there that are still active after 60.

      For 2020 I have a number of motorcycle rides planned:

      Starting in Feb. with heading south and then east stopping to see a few friends along the way as I make my way to TX. In Texas I will meet-up with a friend to go on to Daytona Beach for bike week:

      April will be the beginning of and I will participate in this as it is one I can do throughout the riding season.

      Sept. will having me following: I have been at the Grand Finish of the last three Motorcycle Cannonballs and I love seeing all those antique bikes being used for what they were built for.

      Those are all street bike rides and when I'm not doing those I will be doing the other types of riding. I have a desire to ride most of the Backroads Discovery Routes.

      As you can see I have a lot of plans and ideas and yet I'm looking for more ideas.

    • I am in sort of the same boat (so to speak).

      I’ve been doing a lot of research into RVing. I’d like to take (v ride) my motorcycle to various locations and ride/tour/enjoy them for a few days, but come back to my own bed/bath/galley/fireside every night. I’m sick of hotels and I’m tired of camping on the ground.

      I *think* it’s still a majority of RVers who are close to our age and still curious and active, so being a part of that community would make sense in that respect. I’m not at all interested in selling my home and going on the road full-time, which seems to be all the rage right now (thanks to all the full-timers who are trying to make money with video channels by pretending that it is the ultimate wonderfulness?)

      It’s a huge leap. We’ll see...

    • I once worked for an interior landscaper and for Nov to Jan they were very busy installing and removing Xmas decorations in malls, business lobbies, hotels, and even people’s homes. Over the holidays themselves they need extra hands to cover watering. That job was actually king of fun. In malls we worked in the evening after hours, and used sky lifts and even a gondola suspended from a glass ceiling. We got to see all the secret access tunnels and docks in malls and highrises. We assembled a giant cone of Poinsettias in the Word TradeCentre in Montreal, and also worked in the stock exchange and several hotels. One of my most interesting jobs, for sure, and not one on many people’s radar.

    • There are so many options out there and full time RVing seems to be the rage right now as does living in a van or car. Like you I won't sell my house I like the security of having a home base. I have researched the nomad life for ideas of how to set up the van I bought with the idea of using it for camping in.

      Your idea of taking your motorcycle to an area, set up and explore for a few day is perfect. Good luck in your forward movement in your plan. I hope cross paths with you at some time in the future.

    • Thanks so much for your suggestion. That is exactly what I'm looking for and as you said it wasn't on my radar. I'm going to research it and see what I can find.

    • I’ve been compiling a list of things I’d want to do and places I’d want to go—-RVing seems like the ultimate selfish act in some ways, but it actually opens up a lot of volunteer possibilities (and some paying prospects, too, I guess, but since I already have a freelance career that allows me to travel and work on my own schedule, I’m not so interested in additional work).

      RoadRunner magazine has been publishing “Shamrock Tours” which are motorcycle itineraries that provide a few days’ riding from a central location. Someday, I’d love to take my RV and bike to meet up with a group of riders and try one of these Shamrock tours out.

    • It sounds like you're going to be very busy.

      When I was laid off (at 64) and decided to retire rather than start over again I knew I needed to plan some activities so that I would have interaction with other people. I have been volunteering both locally and online. That's in addition to my focus on photography and on exercise.

      I haven't been doing a lot of traveling; I need to start that again. But I do explore quite a bit in the general vicinity of my home. That's pretty easy since I live not too far from the coast in northern Massachusetts.

      It's been pretty easy to stay active.

      I try to be careful about my volunteer commitments - it would be very easy for volunteering to take over but there are other things that are important to me as well.