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    • I wonder if Zuck realizes this is the next scandal he will have to address, and knows there is no way to address the problem of online abuse other than to isolate it so FB can say it allows freedom of expression without having to take action when that expression turns abusive and harmful.

      @lidja I came to say exactly this, but you beat me to it. 🙂

      There are a lot of potential positives and negatives about what Zuckerberg wants to do, but I think you're exactly right and that the primary benefit to Facebook of this move will be to decrease both their human moderation burden and their vulnerability to criticism.

      When the media publishes a story about something awful happening on Facebook, Facebook will be able to say the reason they didn't take action is that it was happening in encrypted private groups and they respect users' privacy. Or the awful thing will be in the form of ephemeral messages that will literally disappear, and Facebook will say, "Whoops, by the time we heard about it the content was gone!"