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    • It's really cool to hear about bio-engineering efforts like this, though I have mixed feelings about the article.

      First, the IPCC said that it might not be possible to limit warming to a 1.5-degree rise by 2100. So, technology like this that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere gives me hope. Even if the geopolitical climate can't get its act together, we might be able to reverse the effects.

      But with that said, this is unproven technology. It has to operate at massive economies of scale, removing and burying gigatons of CO2 every year. And it would use massive amounts of power to do so. Obviously, more renewable energy generation is needed. Politicians could use this article and the CO2 capture technology being built now as a devisive tool to say we don't need to address climate change now. It's dangerous to assume that technology will catch up and save us. Humanity can't rely on projects like this to save us. We know reducing greenhouse gas emissions is 100% possible. Removing them is unknown.