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    • In the 90s I predicted with great confidence that the startup scene would decline here in Silicon Valley. It was an obvious, easy prediction to get right. Cost of living had become too high. Engineers were in a terrible shortage and hopped from company to company. Smart companies like IBM were starting to offshore their engineering where they could hire 10 engineers for every one we could hire here. Major companies like Lotus and WordPerfect were rising out of places like Boston and Utah.

      Then came Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Tesla, Amazon's hardware engineering center, Airbnb, Uber, Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, eBay, the resurgence of Apple, Pixar, and about 100 more. Rents and salaries quadrupled. I don't think I should be in the futurist business.

      Although, Jeff Bezos predicted the same thing and chose Seattle for his startup.