I feel as if the media has completely distorted this story as far as voter suppression is concerned:

• The largest voter turnout for a primary was 40% back in 2000. So at most, 240,000 Jefferson County voters.

• The polling place is in a stadium.

• “We’ve got expanded absentee voting this year, and thousands of people have taken advantage of it. Over 35% of registered voters in Jefferson County requested absentee ballots. That’s about 215,000. So, that 246,000 goes down to about 31,000.”

• “We’ve had early voting as well. People have been able to go vote at the Board of Elections office since June 8, and at the Expo Center since June 15. Let’s assume, just for discussion, that about 5% of voters have voted early. That takes the number of voters having to show up tomorrow down to about 29,450.”

• “So, in 12 hours, or 720 minutes, we need to get 29,450 voters through 18 lines. That’s 1,600 per line, or about 2 per minute. Considering that each line ends in multiple tables, that might be doable. And that’s IF we have that level of turnout.”

I am buying their argument, however, maybe there’s a further distortion I’m oblivious to.

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