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    • AI - will it kill us?

      Or, will we kill ourselves fighting over it?

      What if a government harnesses a super-intelligence? It could be more dangerous than any weapon ever created. It could own the internet, your bank account, figure out how to launch a nuke, even build its own, and surely conceive of something as dangerous, like some a rapidly spreading neurotoxin.

      Fighting for that AI could start WWIII. You'll always loose to the AI, but a Trump-like leader will try anyway. And we all know that WWIII could end in less than an hour...

    • Syntax isn't sufficient for semantics. There's a special and unique component to human consicousness that we don't have the ingredients for. You can think of it as the "soul factor." We can't recreate that factor. Whatever it is. So no, I don't think AI will become self-aware in the way that humans are.