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    • You don't think they can every become aware? What if we come to understand human consciousness? I get squeamish whenever someone starts talking about some aspect of being human that we don't understand and/or can never understand. When you bring up the "soul factor" I think that's hidding behind a veil of current scientific ignorance. An ignorance that is likely to one day fall into the realm of understanding. Once that happens (like a million other things science now understands) I think the possibilities for AI will have yet another avenue for achieving consciousness.

      I guess someone of importance here is how many ways AI may learn to learn. Will it be true open ended learning in the sense that humans learn or will it remain closed circuit learning? I find it hard to believe that learning in AI's will forever remain closed to that which the programmer had in mind. There are already AI programs that have 'learned' things at least sufficiently and in a way that the programmer can not explain. This type of learning is of course not the type that will be needed to reach consciousness but it at least hints at how AI could take over learning in a way we can't imagine let alone understand.