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    • When I was eighteen in military college, I got a “high and tight.” I don’t recommend that hairstyle for work unless you want to be mistaken for military police: it’s a very severe cut.

      However, It’s been two months since my last confession, I mean haircut. It’s long. It’s too long. And I’m past my 80’s hairstyle phase. So it needs to be shorn.

      I searched the house and found a decent trimmer with clipper attachments.

      I then looked up how to do a buzz cut and learned a few interesting things, #TIL:

      • The number of the clipper attachment is measured in 1/8” increments: a 3 size clipper will leave 3/8” of hair.

      • The cut my wife is going to attempt is actually called a “butch cut”. It’s a 3 on the top and a 1 on the sides. If it turns into a shambles, we’ll just do a “Burr cut,” which is a 1 all over.

      • An Induction cut is without clippers. It’s also referred to, not surprisingly, as a zero cut.


    • Do a Zero Cut, just for laughs. It'll be back up to a Burr cut in a week anyway.

      I was going to do one but it's been 4 months for me due to unexpected isolation and then mandated lockdowns and Eddiewife has decided she likes my hair with a bit of extra length. I usually have a 2 or 3 on the sides and a short cut on top.

    • Do a Zero Cut, just for laughs.

      I had numerous weekly zero cuts when I was in military college, so the novelty factor is lost on me. It is weird how different our lives are after even a few months of lockdowns. I haven’t been out in a few days and driving around this afternoon still gives me that creepy ghost town vibe.

    • I buzzed my locks about 25 years ago, and have never looked back. When I go to Yellowstone in the winter I let my hair on my head and my face grow to about 10-12mm or so, and then trim them off when returning to warmer weather.

      Shorn heads are much more comfortable in motorcycle helmets - that was my original reason, but I figure I have literally saved thousand and thousands of dollars over the years, and kept cooler in the suimmer time too.....

      I am not certain where you live, but a word to the wise - you can easily sunburn your head if you aren't careful after getting sheared - I suggest wearing a cap out of doors. The top of ones head is a common spot for new skin cancers as we grow older. Just something to be aware of. DAMHIK

      Wear a hat out of doors, most of the time.

    • So I got shorn and it’s a lot shorter than expected. However, one of the joys of middle age is not giving a sh— if you’re going to have a “bad hair day/week/month.”

    • A brief story about facial hair...

      I grew a 1 inch beard in addition to my van Dyke before I went to Yellowstone last winter - to keep my face from freezing I told myself. Also because wearing a beard in winter in Yellowstone is just one of those things guys often do....

      I kept the beard for about a month after I returned home, in February, and when I realized facial masks were going to become daily attire due to the pandemic, I decided to remove all my facial hair. Masks and beards war with each other, and contribute to air leakage around the borders of the mask.

      Wow, who was that guy looking back at me in the mirror?? - I didn't recognize him. He has worn a mustache and a van Dyke for the last 25 years. What a mistake! My spouse agreed, even!

      It has taken me almost a month to regain my 'stache and my chin whiskers, and I am fully recovered from my foolishness. Since all my facial hair resides entirely within the mask it does not contribute to air leakage, and masks are comfortable to wear. I wore the same facial hair pattern in surgery for years without issues.

    • Interesting conversation, but for me - deja vu! 👱🏻 Because having missed my hair cut appointment just before the lock down, I could only resists till about few weeks ago when my hair was getting increasingly annoying during hiking, exercise or just donning a motorcycle helmet.

      So after some research, I ordered this hair clipper which came highly regarded by amazon buyers..

      I had to wait another two weeks to actually get it, and then the dreaded day to give myself the first ever self hair cut, finally arrived! 😂 After watching numerous youtube videos and acquiring prodigious style knowledge (but not the skill) ranging from India to Europe and anywhere in between, it was finally just me, the mirror, the hair clipper, and my motorcycle left rear view mirror turned into hand held hair saloon tool.

      Suffice it to say, the operation was a "great success" (as Borat would say) and I feel great now with such short hair, my CPU no longer overheating! And I haven't noticed any weird looks from my neighbors yet! I think I'll start practicing this skill more often, as some DIY-ers recommend every two weeks is much easier to do..