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    • I'm hosting my parents towards the end of October. They've never been to Yosemite before and would like to spend some time there. Given it's a month away, a lot of the rentals inside the park have already been booked. Do anyone have suggestions to places nearby for a 1-2 night stay? They are older now so camping is out, and would prefer some sort of hotel/lodge/cabin type of situation. We'll be coming in from the SF Bay area.

    • Take a look at Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, CA. There are some good cabins on Airbnb that are situated inside of their private community. The lake is really beautiful and it's about 45 minutes from the northern entrance of Yosemite.

      Another option is Bass Lake. It's also about 45 minutes from Yosemite, but from the southern (tunnel view) entrance. There is The Pines Resort which looks nice.

      Sounds fun!

    • Thank you for the recommendations, we ended up booking at The Pines Resort. It looks like a nice little getaway, and the lake view should be nice. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

    • I forgot to circle back on this after our trip.

      The short version is that I'd definitely recommend The Pines Resort and will consider staying there again in the future.

      The resort:
      We ended up splitting up into two parties. One group had a lake view suite that had a shared deck area with a great view. The other in one of their "chalets" which was quiet and cozy. The chalets are actually duplexes with doors that separate the two units, they'd probably be great for slightly larger groups or families with children.

      Bass Lake:
      It seems like summer is definitely the time to be out at the lake. By November, the water level will have dropped significantly. That said, there are plenty of fun trails and scenic overlooks around the lake to enjoy.

      Like Brian mentioned, it's a little bit outside of the park but still fairly convenient. Tunnel View and Glacier Point are both conveniently on your way into the valley itself.

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