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    • I owned one of the early Z-1 900cc 4 cycle Kaws many years ago - loved that bike, it was quite a step up from my Honda 500cc twin that I learned on. Was that 1973, maybe?

      That's my 47 years old son on the back....

      Sad to say that may be the only photo I still have of that bike. I do remember it would occaisionally do wheelies when I shifted into third gear at about 85mph..... I was younger then

    • Very nice ride!

      I have one of the old trucks for sale, right now. And, a few weeks back, I found a really nice V65 Magna for sale. (ALWAYS wanted one!) Unfortunately, the truck has not sold as quickly as I thought it would. And, I'm just stretched too thin, at the moment, to front the $cratch. So, I had to let the dream go.

      I hope to find another one, real soon. In the meantime, keep posting...I'll have to live vicariously through you and your Z-1R.

    • I'm probably biased by the fact that the bulk of my riding has been done on a 70s bike, but the rake on my bike doesn't feel like it impedes my handling much. I've been able to keep up with much newer bikes on it on twisty roads, and I'm far from a prodigal rider...but again, maybe if I spent some more time on a modern bike, I'd change my mind.

    • Ha, also my first motorcycle! Oh the memories of those days and new freedom to go wherever you wanted. I rode all over Northern California on my Kawasaki 400.