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    • It might be helpful to add some more information to the tiles in the topics display. At a minimum, I'd like to see the number of conversations. Other possible elements are the number of posts and date of most recent new thread/post, though one doesn't want it to become too cluttered. Perhaps the dates could be tool-tips on hover, dunno. As Cake scales up, I think I may start using the topics more often for navigation, but for me the number of followers is useful only as a proxy for actual activity.

    • I agree. The box is quite big but it houses very little information. It doesn't need to be filled to the brim, but some additional information wouldn't hurt.

    • Great feedback @Richard and @JazliAziz on what we internally call Topic Cards. As Cake grows we have been planning on adding more information inside of them as you've suggested. This is one of the reasons why the cards are so big. Soon they'll incorporate things like "featured" badge, which would indicate that the topic has been hand picked to be front and center in its category.

      The number of conversations in a topic is also a good indicator of whether that topic is popular and if it is worth following. We'll be updating those topic cards soon to incorporate both statistics: the number of followers and the number of conversations. This will be coming soon as well.