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    • If you look at the statistics of lottery winners it ruins many lives. Most are broke several years afterwards and worse for having won. As a math teacher I'm aware of the ridiculousness of giving my money away but I think I'm more fearful of winning if I buy a ticket than throwing my money away. Winning a huge sum of money would make it unnecessary for me to work. What would I do? To what would I derive meaning and usefullness? Of course I could use the money to do more good but I wouldn't be incentivised to really do so. It'd have to come from within and... I want to make it on my own and not rely on winning. I sometimes wonder if anyone else thinks like I do. Of course there must be many people but I've never heard anyone say such a thing. I mean who says "I'd never want to win a lottery". Well I do. People who win at gambling often have an increase in gambling addiction. They start to believe they can win again. That they have control over it. Sorry but it's unlikely. Don't buy the ticket.

    • I actually fully understand, I managed casinos for years and in Vegas the Mega Bucks slot machine tht had jackpots in the millions had a equally bad reputation for making winners lives a misery once they won the jackpot. Murders, suicides, over doses, one winner was paralyzed a few days after yes get your point.

      Imagine how much good could be done if there were 1600 one million winner or 3200 five hundred thousand winners.

      I think winning $500k would entice a lot of people to not quit work, maybe start a business etc...much better for the economy