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    • From the conversation Watch out for those bad backroads

      Post by @Shewmaker

      I do know that Florida invests a lot of money on keeping the left shoulder on its interstates and toll roads in tip top shape because during a hurricane evacuation they permit using the left shoulder. There are these signs which fold up when not in use that are unfolded prior to an evacuation which state this permission. They also clean the shoulders when a hurricane has a likely possibility of making landfall. (I don't know whether the national government provides assistance in this or not.) Just before one crosses into Georgia, there are signs indicating that just prior to the state line, those using the shoulder must merge with the rest of the traffic because Georgia does not provide this.

    • From the conversation File under Numismatics, Brexit, and the Serial Comma

      Post by @Shewmaker

      The typewriter was not capable of producing the quality of print produced by typesetters and as far as I know was limited to monospace type.

      I was born in 1958 and I remember that the print in books always seemed much more pleasing than the printing which came from typewriters. My Dad purchased an IBM selectric with multiple fonts and I remember using it for certain reports in High School that had to be typed. But even the Selectric was not capable of producing the quality of print found in Books and magazines.

      Typesetters also usually produced full justified pages while typewriters produced a jagged right margin.

      The double space after a period was a result of the monospace limitations of typewriters. Metal typesetters prior to the personal computer did not place a space that was exactly twice the width of two letters. In a non-monospaced font that would have looked pretty silly.