The first episode of the long-awaited THE ROOK series has finally aired on STARZ (it's available now on Amazon Prime if you add the STARZ app, or via STARZ's stand-alone app).

The official synopsis of Episode 1:

After waking up surrounded by dead bodies and no memory, Myfanwy Thomas is thrown into the world of the Checquy, a paranormal secret service where she's a high-level operative known as a "Rook" - and no one can be trusted.

My pre-show viewing anticipation post:

What I enjoyed about the show thus far:

- It's pretty darn close to the book, as in, page-for-page in some parts. I loved the London locations as well - I'm pretty sure we caught glimpses of everywhere from Brick Lane...

to Millennium Bridge...

To St. Pancras Station.

- Emma Greenwell (the actor playing Myfanwy) is quite strong in the part.

What I'm curious to see how they develop further:

- North American paranormal agents? (like I'm guessing Olivia Munn's character?) don't really play a big part in the original book THE ROOK, which is centered in the UK. In the sequel STILETTO, we branch out a bit more and get to know additional types and factions of agents.

- The 4 actors who are playing Gestalt: excited to see them get more screen time (and I find that one of them looks distractingly like Jack Whitehall - second one from the right, or is it just me? Also the female member of the team made me think of Elizabeth Holmes from Theranos)

What I'm concerned about:

- The members of the Checquy's names and roles within the organization are equivalent to a chess board, which has 16 pieces per side.

So, for example, our protagonist Myfanwy, as a rook, presumably has a bit of a "wild card" power that she's just not aware of yet that enables her to take action in any direction. There are similar parallels with other chess pieces / colleagues in the Checquy like the Chevaliers (Knights), Bishops, King, Queen, Pawns, etc. Unfortunately it looks like - based on that brief screenshot I saw in Myfanwy's prep room - in the interest of keeping the show's world concise and to the point it appears that there may have been some cuts to the total number of roles to streamline the storytelling. I am hoping - fingers crossed - that some of my favorite characters made the cut!

- Will we have any Grafters to help us propel the action beyond the initial intrigue of who's trying to take Myfanwy down? I'm hoping we will, but as there have been no sightings of eerie Belgian characters yet, not sure...

Are you tuning in? Thoughts, ideas, reactions? @Shay @leece @Pathfinder let me know if you're able to view along as well! And if you haven't, pick up the original book series!