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    • When I looked earlier, I noticed that the Intel processors were still an option - the only option - if you want more than 8 GB of RAM right now. In their footnotes they say testing was done with 16 GB. I didn't bother watching the announcement, so I don't know if they mentioned anything about higher capacities becoming available soon. But I'm sure they will phase out the Intel versions once they can fit more RAM into the M1 chips.

      It will be interesting to see what they do for people that need tons of RAM. I could see them adding external RAM to the motherboard for systems like the Mac Pro. Then swap to the external memory with the SSD as a secondary swap space.

    • They made no announcements about the future releases. Hard to say what their plans are but the iMac, Mac mini high end and iMac Pro have to do more than the 13”MacBook pro. Even the 16” mbp has to step it up. They already know what they’re doing but nobody else knows. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Using my 2008 Mac Pro still and I’m getting impatient lol.

    • The 2008 MacPro tower was a great machine - I used mine until last year, although I had upgraded the RAM to its maximum, upgraded the video card, and replaced the hard drive with a nice 256GB SSD along the way. When High Sierra came out I finally let it go to someone willing to pay for it...

      So almost a decade of use - I wish all computers were so able to be upgraded.

      I am interested to watch the development of the M1 chip - the 5 nanometer path structure which allows the low battery draw, and hopefully will allow significantly higher RAM amounts than the present 8 or 16 Gb - so the future looks bright. The iPad Pro certainly seems to run some programs very well, and fast indeed.

    • We might also be seeing what would essentially be a mobile version of the processor, similar to what Intel is doing by producing a mobile version and a desktop version of the processors. The desktop version would allow a physically larger space for the chip, so they could dedicate a larger portion to the memory and probably graphics, if necessary.

    • Because it runs at such low temperatures I’m guessing even without changes they could add better cooling and clock it up. Stack it up. It really only has 4 high speed cores right now and much much more amenable to adding cores like Intel has been doing. Even two years from now it’ll be incredible in my mind. Anxious to see what the iMac gets.

      I upgraded my graphics card but still just have 8G of ram because it’s plenty fast enough. I want a new version of my Mac Pro that doesn’t cost $8000.