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    • Made with Easy Poser, CodeCam, Photoshop Mix, Lightroom CC, and Halftone 2, for those who care.

    • Wow, powerful is right. I'm impressed. I think of so many movies. Idiocracy, Wall E.

    • Well, it gave me a way of venting without hitting things. My wife was my previewer and she told me that maybe I should up my medication ... I think she was joking? 😏

      Anyway, I have lost a good many previous "things" I have done over the years so I thought that I would chuck this ... Comic? Graphic Short Story? Whatever ... up here to try and keep track of it.

    • Ah, I did keep this ... This is the original attempt, done with an app called, strangely enough, Comic Maker and put together with Halftone 2. It got the basic idea I had in my head down but had nothing like the impact I was after. I also needed to make the narrator more impersonal, thus he became an AI.

    • That's awesome, @lgorrie. It deserves to be spread far and wide. Maybe some of the more social media savvy people here could figure out how to make it go viral.

    You've been invited!