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    • I see the problem—apparently those settings are only available when I access my account using a computer. I do most everything from my iPhone. I’ll have to fire up the old dinosaur and see if I can tweak the settings there. Thanks @Denise!

      Update: Looks like I will have to go through the whole thread and replace each image with the new anonymous versions from my computer. Sigh.

    • What an awesome trip down memory lane. Thank you for writing that up. 👏

      My parents sent me to summer camp in Southern Utah in canyon country near Capitol Reef and I instantly fell head over heels for the place. I spent 9 full summers there kayaking, backpacking, climbing, riding horses and meeting my future wife.

      We get to go back to visit my wife's family each year, and I always love every minute.

      I've done some crazy things there like photographing my niece in her wedding dress in the Virgin River in Zion's.

    • Even though I grew up in SoCal, two of my kids were born in Kanab. (The other two were born in Napa and Pleasant Hill). I spent a decade in Cedar City before moving to the Bay Area and then finally settling in Salt Lake. (I guess I shouldn’t say I’ve settled for good yet. Ha.)

      I was surprised at how familiar southeastern Utah felt even though I have never been to these places before. I was surprised at how much the landscape influenced my weekend psyche. It was like a breath of fresh air, feeling that familiarity instead of the usual tourist response of amazement. (The guy on the Africa Twin was feeling that awe even though he was still pissed about the WRT.)

      Capitol Reef is one of the still-sane national parks here. Zion, Bryce, and Arches are the tourist magnets - CR just keeps humming along being accessible and charming. (The pies they sell there made from fruit grown in the orchards in the park are just one of those cool down-home touches you don’t get in the other parks.)

      (BTW, I tagged you into this panel because I had some questions about smugmug links, but then Denise gave me some pointers. I couldn’t figure out how to disinvite you once the invitation was sent. All of the sudden, sending that invite it felt kind of presumptuous. Glad you enjoyed the trip report, though!)