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    • I have a lot of small things that I need to store. photography props; electronics and all of their cables, accessories, etc; and various pieces for my many hobbies (fly fishing, trap shooting, scuba diving, and many more).

      I had the idea about 6 months ago to use stack-able bins, give each one a number and put random things in each one and keep track of it using a database. The database has a description of the item, a category, the bin number and the bin location.

      It worked reasonably well. I just had to be diligent about updating the database. Yesterday I went to get something out of a bin and my database was empty. I'm pretty diligent about backing up everything else, but I neglected to backup the database. So now I have 40 bins all over the house each with random things in them and I have no idea where anything is located.

      So before I start the process of going through each bin and cataloging the contents I thought I would ask if anybody had any ideas for better organization and/or improvements to my current system?

    • Yikes! It sucks that you lost your database. 😣

      I actually used the exact same system you described — labeled bins with contents tracked in a database — to organize a bunch of junk in my basement.

      I used Airtable for the database and it’s working well so far. I especially like how easy it was to add a photo of each item to the database to make it easy to find things. And the iOS app makes it easy to quickly look up which bin something’s in on my phone.

    • Next step are some shelves built to match the size of your plastic boxes, so you can pull out the one you want. If you really wanted it easy you could build it so each one is on a pull out drawer. I had shelveslined up the area behind the area where I hung drops and seamless so it was all hidden from view but all right there to grab.

      If you're not working in a studio the idea still works for basic organization. I especially liked having boxes of lighting and grip gear already pre-packed for location work. Grab the big gray one and the smaller black one and hit the door.

      Otherwise I'd go with a sheet of paper in the end of each box and put like things together.

    • I have some metal shelves that are an exact fit for the boxes and can hold 15 boxes. Need to get some more. I'm between studios at the moment so the photo is showing the temp storage. I agree having them stacked like that is less than ideal. Seems I always need the bottom bin. :)

      Good idea having the pre-packed bins.

    • Any ideas for a functional, space saving way to store purses 👜? I have mine in a plastic storage container, but inconvenient to access, so I rarely change purses!?