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    • Leaving the Google+ Scrivener community, I'm wondering if users of Cake, Reddit, and MeWe would shed some light on why we should choose one of these over the others in terms of working as a Scrivener Users group.

    • I don't know about Scrivener, but thought about pros and cons for a different topic in search of a new home. Concentrating on the difference between Cake and either of the other two options:

      - Cake allows anyone to write about any topic. This is technically true for the other two platforms as well, but both are organized in a way that allows some users (moderators of the subreddit / community with the biggest reach) to influence the conversation more than others.

      - As a special case, Cake doesn't have any form of "downvoting", which is a Reddit feature that is really irritating to me.

      - Cake allows everyone to be the moderator in their own conversation about some topic, especially when a conversation is started as a "panel". For example, if there's a small group of people that you want to be heard by everyone (Scrivener developers invited to a Q&A by you?), you could start a panel where they, but not anyone else, can write.

      - Cake allows conversations to be categorized as belonging to more than one topic. On Reddit, you can post to one subreddit or another; on MeWe, you can post to one community or another. You can not post to three different subreddits/communities at the same time. As an example, perhaps you want to talk about how you are using [Scrivener] to write a [Science Fiction] novel, and ask for [worldbuilding] advice in that context. On Cake, you could add your conversation to all three topics at the same time, which in theory might get you a bigger audience of people that are interesting in one but not necessary the other topic.