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    • Hey! Just discovering Cake today. It is delicious so far! I'm "Chosen" (trail name) and I've hiked 18,000 miles solo and have completed 5 thru hikes. Tell me your story!

    • Welcome to Cake! Make sure to add topics to your conversations so more people can see them! I would recommend adding “Introductions”, “Cake”, and “Hiking” as topics to this post! 👍

    • A thru hike is hiking an entire long distance trail in one hiking "season"....meaning spring, summer and fall. Technically it means completing a long trail within one year of your start date. Thanks for asking, Eddieb!

    • That’s AMAZING!! I’m so jealous because I love hiking, but have never managed the time to do something like that.

      Our latest adventure was the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim hike, which we’ve done twice in some form or another. The last time we went Rim-to-Rim-to-River and stayed there overnight, hiking out the next morning.

    • That's one I've never done- and I've never heard of THREE rim hikes! Wow! So cool! And I'm lucky to have a career that allows me to take six months off at a time to hike- but I know not everyone can do that. I've only hiked the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon, and even then I didn't get to hike all the way to the river, due to time constraints.

    • Probably the most epic thing I’ve done is go hiking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. It took us several hours to find the gorillas, but once we did, it was well worth the trek! 🦍

    • Dang, SD! That sounds like an incredible trip! What an amazing picture, too. How close were you able to get to the wildlife? Any issues? What made you decide on Uganda?

    • Oh! That was our big plans for July! 10+ days in Uganda and nearly 2 weeks in Tanzania. Bwindi was the "core" of the trip. Obviously this little thing called Covid-19 had different ideas for what people should be doing this year. We didn't cancel, though. We just postponed the trip by a year. So fingers crossed, I'll be be meeting your friend next year. If I do, I tell him slamdunk406 said "hi."

    • It's not for awhile yet....I'm still working as an RN full time. BUT I hope to be the oldest woman to thru hike the Appalachian Trail AND then if I live long enough, the oldest PERSON to thru hike it! I have to wait a couple years for the first one and a lot of years for the second one!

    • Whoa. That's just craziness and soooo very dangerous!! Can't believe he lived to tell about it! What was the final diagnosis? Dehydration with electrolyte imbalance is my best guess. Could have used some better planning? AND I can't believe YOU kept going down after you rolled your ankle!!! I'd have recommended you immediately take some anti-inflammatories/pain meds and get the hell outta there! But yeah...the GC climate is soooo unforgiving. The day before I hiked down the Bright Angel, a boy scout had to be airlifted out from the trail. (Dehydration.) But kudos to BOTH of you. (Well, all FOUR of you! Four and a half??? :) ) Did you wind up hiking all the way out on a bad ankle or what? Now we gotta get y'all to run the Appalachian Trail! A gal (Mercury, aka Liz Anzos) just finished it- 2,200 miles in 51 days and some change. She did the second fastest ever time.

      Anyway, your whole experience reminds me of when I broke my left ankle during my PCT hike (2,700 miles from Mexico to Canada), 3 weeks into my hike. Believe it or not, I didn't break it on trail, I broke it on some crumbling steps at a trail store. Anyway, 10 days later I headed back out and walked to Canada on a broken ankle. Made it all the way!!! I'm no quitter. :)

      Thank you so very, very much for documenting your adventure and for sharing it. I loved watching it! Outstanding!!!