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    • The Europe #Photowalk is now history, and it's back home again!

      The first of the #Photowalk videos is complete, how to find the best photo spots in Madrid. Please take a look--did I catch all your favorites? @apm @Victoria @Chris what do you think?

      Madrid is a bustling, congested city full of history, the likes of which we just don't see here. Many of the buildings I photographed date back to the 1500s and 1600s. Most, were just 100 years old or so, though.

      Yes, Madrid is big and sprawling, but here's the good news--most of the action is concentrated in a small, highly walkable section of the city. There is no reason to spend good money on expensive tours. The best sights in Madrid--walking the backstreets, are free.

      I put a suggested Photowalk map/itinerary together on my blog, which you might want to check out, before you go.

      Gallery of 100+ Madrid favorites:

      Next stop: Sevilla, followed by Lisbon and Porto Portugal.

    • Madrid resident and street photographer here. I second the suggestion to wander the back streets if you want to get the real flavor of the city, especially at night. If you are interested in covering the main monuments, you might want to add a loop to the route as follows: from the Mercado de San Miguel, continue on Calle Mayor passing by the old City Hall then on to the Almudena (cathedral), Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, Teatro Real (opera house) and Sabatini Gardens. If you skip the palace interior visit (seen one, seen 'em all, IMO) that should add about 30 minutes to the walk, but well worth the time.

    • Oh my God, who gets to live a charmed life like this? I've been to many places in Spain and Portugal but not Madrid so this one was particularly interesting to me. Loved the fast pace of it, the music and especially the clips/photos in the golden hour.

      This fountain! What a diff the lights in it make.

    • Hey Chris,

      Airfares are pretty cheap to Madrid, I’m sure you could wing it! Worth the trip!

      Yesterday, at this exact hour, I was on the streets of Madrid, shooting the monuments! And now I’m home...

      Weird, right?

      I found mornings were the best time to photograph in Madrid, despite what I saw on all the postcards. But that’s me.

      Love that Cake is bringing in photographers from Madrid, like @Richard !!!!

    • Loved it! The Crystal Palace looks particularly beautiful - is a greenhouse or museum?

      I'm also partial to the timelapses - thank you for putting an accompanying map so we know where you are.

      Now I'm hungry for Tapas!

    • Thanks--

      The map was a suggestion from a friend of mine that was just right on.

      If I was smart, I'd shoot the video around the map!

      The Crystal Palace is a museum, with free admission, and selfie central!

      Thanks as always for taking a look.