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    • So who's got a dog that loves to run off leash?
      I'm looking for Bay Area locations to let Penny The Wonder Dog (the one with the stick) stretch her legs.
      This shot was taken at Ft. Funston near San Francisco. It's an awesome beach where dogs get to run free. Steep hill to get down/up from the parking lot, but well worth the climb.
      Anybody got any other favorites?

    • Ft. Funston is great. We take our dogs there a lot. Our fav, though, is Redondo Beach, just south of Half Moon Bay, just North of the Ritz Carlton. It's less crowded.

    • Mitchell’s Cove Beach just west of the lighthouse on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz is a scenic dog beach. It’s always beautiful around sunset.

    • Baker Beach in San Francisco is also very nice. Just went there the other week. Easy parking and easy Beach access. Doggie friends were limited the day we were there, but the view is fantastic!

    • 👆Hahaha. She's referring to that time we took a big yellow lab to the beach for the first time and he, ahem, wasn't the brightest lab there ever was. So he decided to drink the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean kept spritzing out the back of him as if we were pressing the button on an aerosol can—at the most inopportune times.

      The center one, here. Not smart, but a lover.

    • Uh oh... I am not sure I want to hear the rest of the story... But I am curious.

      Edit: I read the next post down. Hahahaha. That's so unfortunate. But funny.