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    • NFC is one of those smartphone features that everyone takes for granted. When you have it, you barely use it. When manufacturers remove it, users complain. There are many uses for NFC on your smartphones, with the most common use case probably mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, since those two services aren't available in Malaysia (we use QR codes for mobile payments) my use of NFC is severely limited, almost non-existent. I myself barely use the feature. The last time I used it was when I wanted to pair my phone to my new headphones. Before that? I honestly can't remember. I dabbled with NFC tags many years ago, but that experiment ended quickly as I found myself without any practical uses for NFC tags. I was either creating problems to solve with NFC tags, or trying to use NFC tags for legitimate problems when there were actually other (often better) solutions available. I also used NFC back in the day to initiate bluetooth file transfers by tapping my phone to another, but that scenario has been made obsolete by cloud storage and instant messaging apps.

      What about you? When was the last time you used NFC on your phone? Do you use it regularly? If so, do you use it for anything other than mobile payments?

    • I use Google Pay all the time, it's my preferred way of paying at stores as it's contactless and more secure. I'll even shop at places with Google Pay over other stores that don't have it.

    • When I lived in London I used to use it to get live public transport updates.

      There is an NFC thingy at each bus stop and when you tap it it gives you a list of all the next buses arriving at that stop.

      There is also a QR code to scan if you don't have NFC though.