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    • My family are big Disney fans, visiting all of the U.S. parks and doing our second Disney Cruise this summer. Being east coasters, our go to was Orlando. One year we were planning a spring trip and were surprised at the prices for flights to Orlando. We saw we could fly round trip to LA for less, so California here we come.

      Neither is better, but you may appreciate some aspects of one over the other. Orlando can be overwhelming, very humid, and often crowded. We have come to appreciate the milder LA climate, and have also found the fellow visitors to be more friendly and laid back than at DW.

      The advantages are also situational, IMO. When our children were very little,the variety of Orlando is supreme. For teens, the optiins that California and Los Angeles provides is a benefit.

    • Disney is SO AMAZING!! At one time I got obsessed with the Disney brothers and had to read all about the origin story, the bankruptcies, they way they manage it now. I just couldn't imagine.

      We've been to both parks so many times. We prefer California because humidity. Also, Universal Studios nearby.

      But the most mind-blowing experience we had was on Disney cruises. The kids went bananas all week. I can't imagine what it takes to run a cruise like that at the level that they do it.

    • I was sure I wasn't cruise person until we took a Disney cruise. Thousands of people on the ship and it never felt like it. Lots is legitimate adult programs and events, and super clean. Also, prices on board were reasonable.

    • Great question. My fav is Disney World.

      Why? There is so much to do at Disney World that Disneyland doesn't come close. DW has numerous adventure parks, a nightclub, water parks, and a zoo. You can easily spend a week there and not get bored.

      I grew up in the summers in Florida and went to Florida State University and went to DW a lot. So my opinion may be biased. I have only been to California Disneyland once but once was all it took to know :-)

    • I find it fascinating, as in most cases - those who did WDW first, prefer WDW, and those who did DL first, prefer DL. And I understand why after having done both. Both distinct, both with their own character, lots to appreciate!

    • I find it fascinating, as in most cases - those who did WDW first, prefer WDW

      I think WDW has the advantage of being within driving distance of Cape Caneveral. If you’re staying a week at WDW, it’s nice to “break out of the park” for a day trip to Space.

      Then and Now