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    • Ford has announced that they plan to introduce both all-electric and hybrid electric models to their F-Series pickup truck lineup. The F-150 is the bestselling vehicle in the world.

      From the article it's not actually entirely clear to me whether they're talking about making all F-Series pickups either electric or hybrid, or just introducing electric/hybrid models alongside the existing gasoline/diesel models. But I assume there's too much continuing demand for gas/diesel trucks for them to discontinue those.

      What does this mean for Rivian and Tesla?

      Ford is the most established player in the world when it comes to pickup trucks, but they have very little experience with electric vehicles compared to Tesla. Rivian is starting from scratch, but their electric truck (if they can deliver on what they've promised) looks very competitive.

      This also puts pressure on other pickup truck manufacturers like Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Toyota to introduce electric models. Will we see announcements from them soon as well? 🤔

    • Coincidentally, I met two people this week who bought Ford F350s, the super-duty, super-sized truck. One is @kevin 's brother. The other is a mild-mannered Silicon Valley 50-something former real estate agent turned Hollywood actor (was the VP in Olympus Has Fallen). He traded in his Porsche for it.

      I asked them about it and size seemed to be a factor. They sat up high, they felt safe, it was roomy, and it looks badass. I wonder how big a factor looking badass is, especially for carpenters, farmers, plumbers and people whose work depends on their trucks. To me, this looks badass:

      And this doesn't:

    • Yeah, my brother recently purchased an F350 for the 21,000 lb tow capacity and the badass-ness. It's beautiful 👇The irony is that he works for an electric car company.

      Ford Motor Co. confirmed plans to build a fully electric F-Series pickup, which industry observers called an unexpected move that protects the truck franchise against Tesla and other competitors.

      Electrifying their trucks is the only logical thing to do. Ford is almost completely out of the car business, and most of their R&D budget goes to truck development. Everyone I know with their big trucks hates the fuel economy. I have to imagine that the economics of truck electrification make more sense than electrification of sedans or SUVs for a few reasons:
      - There's a lot more room to save on fuel costs. If you reduce an F350's fuel costs from $3k/year for diesel to $1k/year for electric, that's huge. SUV drivers getting ~35 MPG are only going to save a few hundred a year by going electric because the gas bill is already pretty low.
      - Most truck buyers opt for 4x4, and the components required are heavy, expensive and require maintenance. Electric motors at each wheel replace the transmission, diffs, transfer case, lockers, CVs, etc.
      - Electric motors offer a great torque curve. People buy trucks for torque to tow, and expensive diesel engines offer much more torque than gasoline engines of similar size. It's $10k to upgrade the Ford Superduty trucks from the standard gasoline to diesel engine because the emissions tech required by law is insanely complex.I've been looking at trucks for a while now.

      I'd love a compact electric truck for my adventures, but sadly I don't think I'll see one in my price before my Subaru dies.

    • Well, the VelociRaptor, a super modified F150 Raptor, is more badass than your Harley 🙃

      And even better than that is Ken Block's F150. It's legit because he actually uses it personally to go snowboarding in the backcountry with friends:

    • Oh my God. For every badass YouTube you know there must be a more badass one somewhere, but nope. You found the most badass one.