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    • Changing tires at home or fixing a flat on the trail can be a pain. Tubeless tires, not so much, but if you use tubes there's one part that can be a total PITA

      Getting the valve back thru that little hole in the rim, you always seem to need just a little more room?

      This is a cheap simple solution - its called a UNIT Bead Lifter, and its about $20

    • Tire sidewalls can be stiff either from multiple plys or maybe they are cold, or like me you have big hands, getting that valve back into that hole sometimes can take longer that the whole tire change/ flat fixing combined. Or, a good way to lose some skin on your knuckles

      Principle is easy, on front or back tires it's the same, push on to the bead and lift away from the rim, to show you on different sized tires I have used it on a rear and a front. Right now I idn't have a tire to change so I grabbed a couple of old take offs to show you how it fits on different sizes.

      It's pretty self explanatory but could save you some time and agony for your next inner tube install

      Rear tire

      front tire

    • my biggest problem is always not to pinch the tube (I fully agree about the valve thing, but I solve it with a valve-puller (cheap but effective)) when remounting the tire. Not only is it annoying as hell, but also expensive in both tubes and time to redo everything.

      I recently stumbled on this No-Pinch tool on the web - did you ever see one in the wild or had a chance to test it?

    • I used to have one of those, actually a few, that failed, steel strand snapped and in one case somehow came undone, and cut the sidewall of the tire, it got tossed, now I use one of these (below) I think it was a guy on ADVrider who was making them, not sure if he still does...much better, it has what I'd call an old toilet chain instead of the steel strand

      If you're pinching tubes, are you adding a little air before you attack the bead. I find doing tires is technique and practice, if its hard work you're doing it wrong. I change all my own tires including ones with very stiff sidewalls like Heidenaus and Mitas dakar race tires, bad technique will not help you get these on, it just won't happen

      Best tire mounting tutorial out there is Ned's

      No pinch tool, yeah I had one, used it, sold it, does it work, yes and no, certainly not as easy as they show it, for soft MX tires it makes them a breeze, for tougher tires, not so much because the center wants to raise up. So you are trying to hold the bead in the well with your feet or knees, hold the middle part in the axle hole, and use the handle and rotate it all at the same time, generates as much swearing as tire irons sometimes.

      Also its not their original idea it was taken from a guy Ukraine I think who came up with it, and they made it 'theirs'

    • the preferred method is to mount both beads and then place the valve in. After that you then unmount the bead over the valve. Very simple, fast and you don’t have to shove your hand inside the tire. I don’t feel there is any need for this tool if you do it the preferred way.