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    • To lube your chain or not to lube your chain?

      The interwebs will give arguments for both sides, if you do lube it then how do you lube it?

      Sprays, waxes, oils, the list goes on an on, I have used this product on a few bikes from Loobman made in England.

      It is a very simple gravity fed set up, mount the holding cylinder somewhere convenient, route the line down to your chain.

      Hit the button once a day, and around a thimble full of oil will make its way to your chain helped by gravity and slowly drip on it and lube it

      Personally i use transmission/ gear oil as the lubricating oil, they say any oil will work, I just prefer this as its thicker and tends to 'grab' a little better. In the past I have saved a little oil from an oil change and just used that old oil, so the cost is zero and it works just fine.

      For the price of one of these vs paying 4 to 5 times or more for one of the other companies version that probably won't last as long, this is a good cheap option you might never have heard of

    • I've been using a Scottsoiler on my BMW F650GS for years and it's worked fine but I will try this one on another bike. I like the idea of it and it something I wasn't familiar with.

    • I bought three got one free and put them in different bikes...and probably paid less than your one scottoiler.

      I moved away from them when mine failed and also met a bunch of riders who had there's fail too.

      I found this as good cheap alternative

    • Okay, so help me out here. It has to do with the loobman but it's going to take me a minute to get there. I'd post this in The Forum but I'd get flamed into oblivion and probably not have an answer.

      I'm a shaft drive guy. I ride my primary motorcycle about 125,000 miles in 10 years and sell it. So far I've not had a shaft or rear end problem on my bikes (but I will now, because I said something!) I ride a lot of dirt roads when I'm not using it as a daily driver, occasionally dunk my bike in whatever it is that the trail goes through (or under) and I've never had a chain on any of my smaller bikes last what I would consider a reasonable amount of time. Even when I clean and lube them and change the sprokets with the chains. My 640 Adventure would waste a chain in about 10k. The 650 GS was good for about 15k.

      I've decided that a chain, obviously being a wear item, is not something I want to deal with. Am I lazy? Am I expecting too much? Would regular, every day lube help increase the life of the chain? What kind of mileage do you get out of yours? I considered an oiler at some point in the past, but then I ended up selling all my chain drive bikes.

      There are some nice adventure bikes out there that I'd like to own. But they have chains and I won't even consider them. Is there any hope for me?

    • i get on average around 20-30k out of a chain, i generally lube it every 500 miles, also if i've been riding in the rain or thru rivers. I would say on average oiling a chain is 2 minute job by hand, with this type of oiler you press a button every other day

      I get you on the shaft drive bikes, but the type of bikes I mostly ride have chains